Restoration is the methodological moment in which the work of art is appreciated in its material form and in its historical and aesthetic duality , with the view of transmitting it to the future. Cesare Brandi Concept of restoration, in Encyclopedia of World, 1963.

Restoring antique furniture and doors is an ancient art that requires great skill and professionalism acquired over time. For generations our joinery is responsible of recovering and restoring wooden doors bringing them back to their original color and functionality.

The restoration of ancient doors has different phases:

  • Reconstruction of damaged or missing parts due of exposure to atmospheric agents;
  • Protective restoration to replace, add, modify, strengthen missing or damaged wood parts, remaining faithful to the original veining essence of the door material and its locking system;
  • Paint removing and sanding obtaining, by smoothing the wood, a smooth surface which will be then submitted to painting treatments and paint as the exterior;
  • Painting;
  • High-coating resin production, anti-mold.

The paints used are non-toxic products and are designed to protect the wood from the aggression of atmospheric and biological agent.


Our creation

From classic to modern art, for your home or your business, we realize customized furniture.

At your disposal, in our joinery, a qualified and skilled craftmen engaged in furniture conservation and restoration.


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