The inlay is very ancient art as it originates about 3000 years ago in Egypt, where it was realized with wood corroding acids. The technique improved a lot in the 800 and 900 using very fine blades and hacksaws operated by hand or pedals. It is based on the contrast of various harmonic tones of various wood quality veneers, but also metal shells, silver, mother- of- pearl, ivory, tortoiseshell, etc.

The inlay is made by skilled operator of our joinery followed by an expert of drawing craftsmen, who perform cuts with the help of faint hacksaws, following all the sinuosity, the turns and the softness of the design and obtaining various pieces, called "veneer ", sometimes very tiny, which, constitute the" tessera "for the reconstruction of the original design. In each veneer packet then, the operator chooses the one that, for color, is the required one to complete the composition.

Types of inlays:

  • Certosina: by applying small wood inlays with light and dark essences.
  • Marquetterie: is perhaps the most used technique, by putting on the top sheets of various essences with equal thickness and size. With a single cutting the negative and the positive of the drawing is obtained.
  • Pyrographed inlay: is a technique that performs the drawing by working the surface with a red-hot tip.

By remaining in the field of sculpture, Scarfia’s joinery expresses his own personal artistic experience through his own works but also through the choice of subjects to be realized. We can undertake a sort of transversal analysis of the subjects used and their particular characteristics. The research obtains an ideal of classic beauty, proportions and styling features.

Through simple elements, almost essential, the peculiar characteristics of our craftsmen stand out in the shaped sculptures. Through a careful preparation it is highlighted our ability to reproduce on paper objects and characters to get familiar with their shapes, lines and proportions.

Our creation

From classic to modern art, for your home or your business, we realize customized furniture.

At your disposal, in our joinery, a qualified and skilled craftmen engaged in furniture conservation and restoration.


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